Blogger Recognition Award

Hey guys! I am super chuffed to say that I have been nominated for the blogger recognition award thanks to Haziqa over at Fiction Is My Middle Name it means so much to know that my blog is being read and enjoyed!

I love these awards because you get to find so many amazing blogs and it gives a shoutout to so many blogs that otherwise wouldn’t always get seen.

Now onto the detailed bit… The Rules!!

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Write a post to show your award
  3. Give a brief history of how your blog came to be
  4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  5. Select 15 of your fellow bloggers to give this award to
  6. Comment on their blog and let them know that you nominated them and provide a link to your post

How my site started..
I first started writing almost to cure a bit of boredom if I’m honest… my partner works away A LOT which lead me to starting my instagram page @everydayfreebiesandmore and it amazed me at how quickly I gained followers on this and how popular my page was seeming to be.
Because of this I decided to see if a blog with similar content would also be as popular, it’s a great feeling when you publish or create something and other people engage with it! I thought I would focus my blog slightly around the bridal edge (can’t believe it’s nearly 10months since we got engaged 😲) as this was – and still is – something that really resonates with me.
However, after my first few posts I wasn’t really seeing much engagement so I decided just to post about what I felt I wanted to say and what came naturally, that has lead me to the point I’m at now and honestly I think my blog is starting to take up some shape. Hopefully when we’ve actually planned a few more wedding related bits these can also be shared with you lovely people but until then I’ll just carry on as is.

2 Pieces of advice for new bloggers…

1. Write what you want to write, don’t try to fit into a niche and post what you think you ‘should’ be posting and what’s expected of you. If you do, you won’t enjoy blogging and you’ll find it more like a job and not be as productive – this was my issue when I first started

2. Engage in Twitter etc as a social outlet to try and spread your blog and get it out there – one thing I want to achieve is to get to know a few bloggers a bit better and find some ‘blogger friends’

The 15 bloggers that I nominate are:

  1. Forever Saving for a Rainy Day
  2. Frugal Family
  3. Shoestring Cottage
  4. Cardigan Jezebel
  5. Love, Soph
  6. Blog About A Latte
  7. Charleigh Writes
  8. Theatrical Mess
  9. Creative Kate 89
  10. Emily Aagaard
  11. The Rolling Twenties
  12. Soph Hearts
  13. Bride and Tonic
  14. Keeping it Karen
  15. Bargain Beauty Hub



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