May Money Making Challenge

Moving in day is starting to get closer and our list of things to buy seems to be steadily growing with it, ramping up the amount that we would like to save up. Because of this I have decided to take part in a bit of a money making challenge and just so happened to stumble across this challenge thanks to Nicola over at The Frugal Cottage

So, you may ask, how exactly am I going to save £300 – at the end of the day it isn’t just a bit of loose change…

If we break this down however, it makes it sound a little bit easier… there are 31 days in May which would equate to £9.67 a day. That feels a little bit easier – surely we can all save/make £10 a day?

What will I do?

The bit that you’re actually bothered about right…

  1. Participating in surveys and questionnaires online
    • I will be keeping prolific open on my laptop whenever I use it
    • Try to complete all survey related emails – I get A LOT so this may be a challenge but even doing a few a day while on my lunch break etc will help…
  2. Completing jobs or tasks on apps
    • Roamler, Street Bees, Field Agent and Be My Eye are my favourites for these – I narrowly miss out on a job for £8 the other day which was just taking a few phots!!
  3. Start reusing Job Spotter app
    • put simply you get money for uploading images of job adverts in shops
    • The verify section on here is quick and easy money – little but still adds up
  4. Crack back on with scanning my receipts for cashback and receipt rewards
    • Checkout Smart, ClickSnap, Shopmium, GreenJinn for cashback on purchases
    • Receipt Hog, Shoppix, SnapMyEats and HuYu are the best for this
  5. Cut back on my planned budget – it may not be making money as such but if I can cut back on my monthly spending then this will help massively!

Now I’ve listed 5 different ways that I’m going to try and make my £300 as part of this month’s money making challenge but I’m sure there are loads more that you can think off.

How to save £100 in 30 days

Best UK Survey Sites for Earning a bit of Extra Money

A guide to successfully budgeting

If you’d be interested in taking part in this challenge then I’d love to know and we can cheer each other on! Just let me know in the comments below with any tips that you’ll be using…


3 thoughts on “May Money Making Challenge

  1. bournemouthgirl says:

    I am always trying to save. I tend to waste money, not intentionally but I never know where it’s gone. I have opened an easy savers account with my bank linked to my main account so I can save by transferring money over. These are great ways to make your 300. Thank you for sharing x


    • Hannah says:

      That sounds like a good idea to start with, being able to see it increase will feel fab to. I started my savings by setting up a standing order from my main account and after a couple of months I didn’t even notice the money going out of my account but my savings was steadily growing! X

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